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"Fresh Coat Painters are excellent. Yuri and his crew painted the interior of our house. They were very professional and thorough with the painting they did for us. They went the extra mile, service wise and were able to complete tasks we asked of them not in the contract. I would highly recommend them!"

- J. Bushman

"From the quote to the clean-up, Yuri and his crew were professional, on time, courteous, respectful and attended to all of my requests, regardless of how big....or how small.

The software system they use allowed me to see a room by room, itemized, line action breakdown of EVERY cost. I could see/compare the cost of painting the ceiling in the living room, the kitchen, the closet, etc. This itemized cost sheet allowed me to not only see individual prices of action items and feel comfortable w the cost, but it also gave me the opportunity to either change what I wanted to do or add to the project. In many case I actually added things to the to-do list, because I could see the minimal cost of doing the additional job.

Throughout the process, not only were the painters ALWAYS on time...I would see them sitting outside my home waiting for 8am, to come knock, but the owner made sure to come by throughout the process to both review the work and address any of my daily requests and questions. The workers were respectful (I as a single woman in the home, felt safe around creepy feeling you sometimes get) they were quiet, and did an Excellent job. As meticulous as I am, every evening when I reviewed their work, there were very few corrections I found, but when I addressed the ones I did, they immediately went to action to correct the minor misses.

Overall, the work was excellent, completed on-time and with no additional "surprise" costs. I was also very pleased....and surprised at the additional things they did both at my request (replacing outdated doors) and on their own (replacing a faucet filter that was not allowing the water to flow correctly). I understand the action/cost of replacing the filter was minimal (couple of bucks), but I not only didn't know what the problem w my faucet was, I would have called a plumber to fix this "problem", at who knows HOW $$ much for the visit!!! Rene the painter told me i needed a filter for the faucet to work correctly and before noon, when Yuri showed up, the little filter had been taken care of and the water was once again flowing. Customer service, which seems to be a forgotten concept w most NOT a lost art at Fresh Coat. As they say, it's the little things that count! I not only will use Fresh Coat Painters again....they will be doing a job for my mom next month. Thanks Fresh Coat for your excellent work!!